APCA rejects increase in fuel prices

Akhunzada Fazle Haq

Office bearers of All Pakistan Clerks Association (Apca) on Friday rejected the rise in prices of petroleum products and demanded to arrest the corrupt politicians and confiscate their assets and deposit them in the national treasury.

These views were expressed by Aurangzeb Kashmiri, Central Secretary General of APCA, Haji Ibrahim Khan Chairman, Afridi Khan district president, Farooz Khan, Ali Bacha, Bacha Hussain, Waheed Khan, Naveed Khan Siddique Khan and other while addressed the meeting of Clerks at Communication & Works Department (C&W) office Mardan. Speaker said that the corrupt rulers plundered the country with both hands and made the country bankrupt.

The speakers said that the notification of increase in salaries of government employees has not been issued yet. They added that despite the increase in salaries, the signs of getting a monthly salary are not far off. Speakers said that the current corrupt rulers have issued a notification to increase the prices of petroleum products.

Speakers said that the rising prices of petroleum products have led to a storm in food prices due to which the government employees will be buried alive.

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