APC conference ‘Build Dam, Save Waziristan’ held

Adam Khan Wazir

An All Party Conference (APC) on “Build Dam, Save Waziristan” organized by All Political parties was held at Wana Press Club in South Waziristan Tribal District. It was attended by a large number of people belonging to different schools of thought, including leaders of all political parties. On this occasion, President of Jamaat-e-Islami Wana Nadeem Khan Wazir, General Secretary Assadullah Wazir, Imran Mukhlis from PPP, Ajab Gul from PTI, Ashfaq Wazir from Pakhtunkhwa MAP, Kaleem Ullah, Zubair Wazir and others discussed the topic of “Build Dam, Save Waziristan”.

Addressing the All Parties Conference held at Wana, an agricultural subdivision of South Waziristan in all the tribal districts, is an agricultural area and is now the subject and popular place for agriculture in the entire tribal belt in terms of climate. 90% of the residents are engaged in agriculture.

Addressing the APC, the leaders of political parties said that the location, population and geography of Wana in South Waziristan is not only very important for agriculture but also these backward areas are paying billions of rupees annually to the national exchequer in taxes from agriculture commodities.

The speakers addressed the All Parties Conference In Wana, Small Dam, rainy Dam and Baseline Table are in dire need of time.

Therefore, the federal and provincial governments should take urgent steps in this regard and to save the area from becoming barren, small dams and rainy dams should be constructed so that people are not forced to relocate in future.