APAT rejects draft of Fixed Tax Scheme



The All Pakistan Anjuman-e-Tajiran (APAT) has rejected the draft of Fixed Tax Scheme saying it is full of contradictions and against the aspirations of small traders, which can never be implemented.
Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club on Saturday, Central General Secretary of APAT Naeem Mir expressed his serious concern over the newly-released draft of Fixed Tax Scheme, calling upon the Federal Board of Revenue to finalize the fixed tax schemes in consultation with small traders so that the new schemes should be acceptable to all sections of traders and help in improving the tax revenue of the country. He stated that traders don’t accept the lollypop of fixed tax scheme and tore the draft into pieces during the press briefing.
The Central General Secretary APAT termed the scheme a joke with over 3.1 million traders of the country, saying the tax department cannot impose tax on the basis of area of an outlet.
According to the draft of fixed tax scheme, jewelers, real estate agents and chartered accountants have not been included in tax net while small traders have been included in this scheme who are already paying taxes through power bills.
Naeem Mir suggested the government to adopt a comprehensive strategy for broadening the tax net. He said the traders are facing multiple challenges in the wake of a new tax regime and amendments made for documentation of the economy, especially the imposition of sales tax at the import stage, retail prices and CNIC condition.
He demanded that the proposed draft of the fixed tax regime must be finalized after consultation with the business community. Traders believe that every citizen must play his/her role in improving economic condition of the country, saying they are not against tax collection. He added that harassment of traders in the name of tax collection must be stopped. He said traders are protesting while FBR is making joke of them.
The APAT’s Central General Secretary said that the government is not serious in resolving the issues of traders, also trying to confuse them on ID card issue. He urged that FBR should take the leaders of trading community on board before finalizing these schemes to launch a consensus fixed tax regime.
Naeem Mir further stated that FBR should make categories of traders and impose fixed tax on them according to their tax paying ability. He said such a scheme should promote tax compliance within the trading community. He said that fixed tax regime must be drafted in a way that it could minimize interaction between taxpayers and tax collectors and eliminate the chances of corruption.—INP

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