Anti-encroachments operation in full swing



Capital Development Authority (CDA) operation against encroachments in different localities of Federal Capital was in full swing.

As many as eleven truckloads of encroach goods were seized and authority also demolished several illegal structures. Operation was e carried out in the urban and suburban areas of Islamabad, Kahcheri Sector F-8, Sector G-7, Margalla Town, near Puna Faqiran, Lahtrar Road, Khanna and Kari Road Zone 4.

On the instructions of the Chairman CDA, Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman Yunus, DG Enforcement ordered the anti-encroachment squad to take action against encroachment.

According to the details, the operation started from Sector F-8 center of Islamabad, where public complaints were often received that the hotel owners put chairs, tables and bar-bq counters in the parking lot reserved for vehicles and close the parking, taking immediate action.

While cleaning the parking area from encroachments, 9 truckloads of goods were seized and deposited in the store. After that, while operating in the area of ??Sector G-7, the occupation attempt was foiled by demolishing the constructions. In rural area of Islamabad, Puna Faqiran, the occupation mafia was also taking advantage of the holiday and occupying the government land by making constructions.

One room along with the kitchen was demolished by the anti-encroachment squad. Similarly, one room was demolished while operating on Zone 4 Curry Road. Lahtrar road is affected due to encroachment at Khanna place, there were complaints from the public, 1 truckload of goods was confiscated while taking action.

Sector F-7/3 Street No. 8 dead end, old construction materials were being sold, encroachment removed and 1 truck seized. DG Enforcement says that operations against encroachments will continue uninterrupted. —INP