Anti-Army narrative: An expert opinion | By Dr Mehmood-ul-Hassan Khan


Anti-Army narrative: An expert opinion

GEORGE S Patton upholds that the soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country.

However, anti-army narrative in the country has reached its peak because constant “greed” of politicians and their “brutal” persuasions of power have put the prosperity of common people, political stability of the system and economic stability & sustainability at stake.

Unfortunately, social media’s hand grenades brigades are “blasting”, “bursting” and “bashing” the defence forces which is very painful.

Despite their sponsored bashing and anti-army narrative campaigns, Pak Army is one of the greatest militaries in the whole world and it must be respected.

They proudly give their blood and precious lives to protect the sovereignty, dignity, national pride and territorial integrity of the country and people which must be appreciated.

A series of malign V-logs against defence forces are actually insulting the martyred souls. While speaking in the National Assembly, Defence Minister Khawaja Asif said that PTI Chairman and former Premier Imran Khan should not target the institutions and noted that the PTI chief was censuring the defence forces despite the fact that they had announced to remain “apolitical”.

Defence Ninister Asif maintained that the PTI chief had earlier said that he was ousted through a US conspiracy but then felt that America should not be offended.

Thus “U-Turn doctrine” has even drastically now changed about alleged role of establishment during vote of no confidence against him.

The “rhetoric” and “oratory” about so-called “imported government”, “foreign conspiracy” and “real freedom” have now been “dumped” because of the shifting of new power centers in and out of the country.

Thus Imran’s stance against the incumbent regime has no substance but long “shadows of his own blind ego” derived from the “sea of whims & wishes”.

Army bashing, especially in English and Social media is no secret. For the past several months, senior journalists, paid Vloggers, pseudo intellectuals of social media, money seeking clergy, cheap NGOs and puppetry of political parties have been attacking country’s military establishment.

This bunch of jokers, so-called intellects never miss an opportunity to undermine the state interests.

They do not even spare Pakistan’s nukes, law enforcing agencies, ISI, MI, IB, and even loyal civilians.

Thus rush of “madness” and “blind submission” to their political “Midget’s” forces them to live in “fool’s paradise” by mere “making castles in the air”.

The evil nexus between prominent media men, social media mafias and senseless political leaders to promote anti-state elements would not only undermine the army but would also weaken democratic institutions, as it would escalate mistrust between them.

Unfortunately, in case of Pakistan, bashing of defence forces and secrete agencies have been purposefully pursued to protect personal socio-economic-politico interests by the corrupt politicians, dishonest bureaucrats, chorionic land mafia, venomous clergy and greedy elements of the society alike.

Defence forces of Pakistan are providing all possible support to the “System” and the “State” to deliver goods to country, community and common people alike.

One thing is clear that bashing to army will achieve nothing but further “siege” the political jugglers and alienation of their masters from the democracy and the society in the longer run.

Supremacy of the state should not be compromised and caravans of justice, accountability and transparency should disseminate hope of “Real Change” and “Real Azadi”.

Some media puppets and handlers & schemers of social media play “havocs” even to basic principles of “national security” and “territorial sovereignty” by disseminating fake news, propaganda, posts and ridiculing the state and its protectors, armed forces of Pakistan.

However, “conspiratorial” plans and self-inserted definitions and parameters of justice, transparency, accountability, discretion, loyalty, development and above all “syndrome” of selected justice have pushed all stakeholders to fight against the institutions and organs of the state.

Defence forces of Pakistan, being the biggest supporter of the system and “equalizer”, have been protecting the basic fabric of the society and during this journey parliament, defence forces, secret agencies, law enforcement agencies, judiciary, teachers, political parties and last but not least NGOs should ideally work jointly for achieving the desired goals of socio-economic prosperity, qualitative life, provision of basic human rights, free schooling and shelter.

To conclude, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, in his final public address as the army chief, strongly criticised anti-military narrative and urged all political stakeholders to set aside labels of imported and selected to move forward for the country’s sake.

While addressing at the General Headquarters (GHQ) Rawalpindi in the Defence and Martyrs day ceremony he “saluted” the “sacrifices” of defence forces of Pakistan.

He made an astonishing reference that despite the Indian army carried out the most human rights violations in the world but “their people seldom make them target of criticism.

He shared that after great deliberation, it was decided that Pakistan army would never interfere in any political matter.

I assure you we are strictly adamant on this and will remain so. He categorically mentioned that “false narrative was created, from which an escape is now sought”.

The army chief said that instead of welcoming the military’s decision, “many sectors used very inappropriate and undignified language while making the army the target of severe criticism.

” I suggest that political stability should be foremost priority of all the stakeholders of the country.

In this regard, all political stakeholders should set aside their personal egos and try to move forward and take Pakistan out of this deep crisis.

Political polarization, ethnic division, societal hatred and religious intolerance should be “waived off” to achieve “wonders” of socio-economic prosperity and dreams of qualitative life in the country.

There is an urgent need for the nation to shed “intolerance” and adopt a true democratic culture because millions of homes in the country are made of “muds” and grabbed with unlimited “slums” and people living in these “shantytowns” have nothing to do with political master’s enclaves of Bani Gala and Jati Umra.

Unfortunately, common people are dying because of constant denial of justice. Young generation has already been “trapped” and “distracted” by ruthless paddlers and ironically local authorities of police are still a “silent spectator”.

Moreover, the deserving promotion, reward, award and privileges of employees have been ruined on the basis of political affiliation, self-defined definitions of merit, performance, and loyalty.

Last but not the least, “land mafia” seemingly has “nine lives” for unstoppable “looting” and “prolonging” socio-economic miseries in the society.

Unfortunately, clergy has become an ideal vicious circle of fraud, cheat, violence and social disharmony.

In this doom & gloom, defence forces of Pakistan are the last hope. Just think and rise from cage of self-prejudice and wrong notions of angel-hood please.

—The writer is Executive Director, Centre for South Asia & International Studies, Islamabad, regional expert China, BRI & CPEC & senior analyst, world affairs, Pakistan Observer.