Another sit-in

Democratic form of government has been widely appreciated in world. In democratic environment you are allowed to launch long-march, sit-in and protest peacefully, if you are constantly denied justice and basic rights. Unfortunately, instead of utter failure of true form of democracy in Pakistan, true charter of democracy has been persistently manipulated. The democratic charter tells that you are allowed to move your stick least to chop the nose of others. Actually this truism is appropriately applies here in Pakistan’s political and democratic set-up. After arduous negotiations a mega political deal and alliance has successfully been hammered out among PAT, PPP and PTI. Another large sit in finally was appeared last night on busiest Mall Road Lahore. The main demand of this protest is to get CM and Law Minster of Punjab stepped down immediately because they are only responsible in Model Town massacre and more recently two citizen killed by Punjab police firing after innocent little Zainab’s tragic incident in Kasur.
Such rapidly emerging narrative of large sit-in has worst repercussions. It has been explicitly observed in recently-held Faizabad sit-in where religious party utterly blocked main highway which connects the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Apart from a lot of inconvenience to ordinary citizens, the government had also lost 90 corers in 20 days. This new sit-in has estimated Rs 4 billion loss in a day. Public and private educational institutions and all economic activities would remain close till the sit-in breaks. If government fails to tackle the issue prudently, iut will tarnish image of Pakistan internationally.

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