Another Lion’s Cub dies at Lahore Zoo



Staff Reporter

A lion cub died one and a-half months after its birth at Lahore Zoo here on Tuesday.
Zoo officials confirmed the death of the cub, saying that a lioness had given birth to four cubs at the zoo one-and-a-half months back.

“One of them died moments after its birth while the rest were very weak and subsequently, they put under special care.”
All of the three were being bottle-fed by zoo keepers.

In Feb 2021, two rare white lion cubs had died due to a viral infection at Lahore Zoo. Three months back, a white African lioness gave birth to three cubs of which one died on the spot due to weakness, while two others were kept under special care.

The zoo’s veterinarian had said the cubs were vaccinated and they were making sure their diet is taken care of. The remaining two white lion cubs also lost their lives due to viral infection at the age of three months only.

After the death of the cubs, the total number of white African lions at the Lahore Zoo stands at eight.

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