Another child found murdered after rape

Staff Reporter

An 11-year-old child namely Abdullah was strangled to death after abduction and rape in Hanjarwal area of the metropolis.

According to police sources, Abdullah was missing since morning. However, later in the day, his dead body was found hanging from the ceiling in an empty house located nearby. The Police said that child was murdered after a rape. Abdullah was brought to Jinnah Hospital where doctors confirmed the death. Police took the body into custody and began further investigation.

Last month, a minor boy, who was selling masks to make ends meet for his family, was sexually assaulted by a rickshaw driver in Bahawalpur. The incident took place in the Medical Colony of Bahawalpur’s Victoria Hospital. The rickshaw driver was living in the servant quarters of the Medical Colony and he raped the minor boy who used to sell masks to the patients and their attendants visiting the Victoria Hospital. The security guards took the child into custody and further investigation was underway.