Another blast in Karachi


THE security situation is becoming very precarious in Karachi as the intensity of blasts in the country’s economic hub has increased in recent weeks.

In the latest despicable incident, one person was killed and eleven others wounded in a blast near Iqbal Market and New Memon Mosque in the city’s Kharadar area.

A few vehicles, including two-wheelers and a three-wheeler, were also damaged in the incident.

The incident comes just a few weeks after three Chinese teachers were targeted and killed in a suicide bomb attack at Karachi University.

Also last week, one person was killed and nine others injured when an improvised explosive device planted in a motorbike went off in Saddar.

These series of blasts should ring alarm bells in the concerned quarters and requisite steps need to be taken for the protection of life and property of the people. Peace was restored in Karachi after a successful operation by Pakistan Army.

The recent incidents clearly indicate that these are being carried out under a well-planned conspiracy to hurt peace of the city which, in fact, serves as a backbone in the country’s economy. There is a common saying that when Karachi bleeds, Pakistan’s economy also bleeds.

It is so because Karachi accounts for the lion’s share of GDP and revenue, generating over 65% of the total national revenue and producing about 42% of value added to large scale manufacturing.

The informal sector based in Karachi comprises thousands of small scale entrepreneurs which, in fact, do not always show up in the official numbers.

It is very clear that our enemy is targeting this city to hurt Pakistan’s economy which is already in dire straits.

Hence, the criminal elements and terrorists cannot be allowed under any circumstances to play with the peace of Karachi.

We will suggest that the federal and provincial governments sit together and undertake necessary steps to pre-empt and avert terrorist attacks. This can be done by activating the intelligence agencies.

Those behind the recent terror attacks must be nabbed and given exemplary punishment.


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