Angeline launches short film on child abuse


Staff Reporter
A press conference was held here on Friday at Karachi Press Club to launch a campaign
against child abuse initiated by actor, producer Angeline Malik to help create awareness against this evil
in our society. The event was marked by the screening of promos in Urdu and English of a short film
produced by Malik, on the subject.Video shoot-outs by various celebrities who spoke against the cause
and also offered solutions to tackle the problem were also shown at the conference. Among those who
had recorded their messages were Ushna Shah, HinaBayat, Saman Ansari, Samina Ahmed, Bushra
Ansari, Ahmed Ali Butt, Alyy Khan, SarwatGillani, SamiyaMumtaz, Rasikh Ismail, Salma Hasan, Suzain
Fatima and Nida Yasir. A number of celebrities were also present in person to raise their voices against
this issue and to show solidarity for the cause. Among notable attendees and those who spoke on the
occasion other than Malik were Samina Ahmed,Bushra Ansari, ZebaBakhtiar, Ally Khan, Faraz Khan
(Advisory board member of Muhafiz) and MehnazRehman (Auraat Foundation),who strongly advocated
that it was everyone’s responsibility to stop child abuse.Child abuse is one of the most ignored issues in
Pakistan despite its crippling effects. The number of reported cases has been increasing annually which
is why there is a dire need to take on this issue at a national level, and come up with workable solutions.

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