Andrew terms US-Pakistani Diaspora contribution valuable


At a US-Pakistani diaspora conference on Wednesday, United States Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Andrew Schofer highlighted the valuable contributions of the US-Pakistani diaspora, which is a key partner in the humanitarian, social, and commercial sectors in Pakistan.

Deputy Chief of Mission Schofer highlighted the longstanding U.S.-Pakistan partnership to advance Pakistan’s economic growth and emphasized continued opportunities for future partnership. “As the Green Revolution improved lives in the past, a ‘Green Alliance’ between the United States and Pakistan will help us jointly strengthen climate resilience, develop clean energy alternatives, and foster economic growth,” he said.

At the event, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) signed four partnership memoranda of understanding with U.S.-Pakistani diaspora entities: Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America, Silicon Valley to promote technology and digital investments in Pakistan and support Pakistani startups; SARCMedIQ to improve the health digital ecosystem in Pakistan; The Crescent Charity Foundation to support physical infrastructure in flood-affected areas of Pakistan; and PakFoods to improve humanitarian and social development outcomes for Pakistan.

At the conference, which was sponsored by the US Mission in Pakistan in close coordination with the U.S.-Pakistani diaspora entity Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America, Silicon Valley fundamental challenges and opportunities in the technology sector of Pakistan were discussed and deliberated.