An outlook on year 2023 | By P Senthil S Durai


An outlook on year 2023

First off, year 2022 has just passed by after throwing plenty of challenges at world and humanity as a whole from a growing population to current Covid threats to climate change – to mention a few.

Still, there have been a lot more challenges on cards in the form of economic slump and unemployment. Of course, serious steps and strategies are required to tackle all these issues head-to-head.

Well, what is the best way out? If so, where exactly is it? What on this beautiful planet have humans been doing towards Nature? First up, it is true that all these serious questions need serious answers very badly now.

By the way, the other day the US President Joe Biden was quoted by the media as talking about the 2023 outlook. To be frank, such great things and inspirational talks are something to be appreciated by others.

In fact, Biden has been reported to have chalked out advance plans/strategies for accelerating economic growth across America in 2023. After all, growth begins at home – to begin with. Way to go!

Added to this, big media houses like CNN had aired some interesting news feeds about climate change just before the dawn of 2023 – call it an exclusive report.

Given global issues like population, climate change, droughts, starvation and flooding, time has come now to pay attention and devote more time to the subject of climate change.

As a matter of fact, farming [all agricultural activities] and green activities like planting trees must be encouraged to a greater extent. Quite interestingly, massive public awareness of such issues as the climate crisis is the need of the hour now.

More to the point, I have usually been going through some of the best Tamil agriculture magazines from the well-known media groups in Tamil Nadu like Ananda Vikatan and Kumudam, which have long been discussing issues relating to farming activities, challenges and climate crisis in a brilliant manner. Way forward indeed!

On the other hand, rigorous and constant agricultural activities have been going on in my native areas like Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu — plus, I have just been in awe of all the tall green trees out there.

All things considered, it is only time for all countries to gather together and think about strong green strategies [aimed at farming on whole] so as to be able to accelerate economic activities locally and globally in the wake of a growing population and climate crises.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Maharashtra, India.