An appeal to ‘How’s That?’ covers all ways of being out: MCC


Bipin Dani

An appeal by the fielding side covers all types of dismissals, according to Fraser Stewart, the Lord’s Indoor Cricket Centre Manager.
The situation arose on Thursday when an appeal for LBW and a run out occured at the same time during an IPL match between the Sunrisers Hyderabad and the Kings XI Punjab in Dubai.
In the 16th over (bowled by Kings XI Punjab’s Ravi Bishnoi) of Sunrisers Hyderabad batting (Bairstow and Abdul Samad), the appeal was sent upstairs and though Samad was apparently run out, umpire ruled Bairstow LBW.
Obviously at the fall of wicket, the ball became dead and Samad survived. 31.4 Appeal “How’s That?”
“An appeal to “How’s That?” covers all ways of being out. So, an appeal by the fielding is for all methods of dismissal – they do not have to appeal twice if there are two possible forms of dismissal”, Fraser Stewart, speaking exclusively over telephone from the Lord’s explained.
“As for the DRS protocols, that is for the Governing Body to answer, as DRS is not part of MCC’s Laws of Cricket”, he further clarified.