Amna Wali Boutique Interiors launched



Leading interior designer Amna Wali officially launched her flagship boutique in Karachi titled ‘Amna Wali Boutique Interiors’ on the 22nd of October 2022. The launch was held on-ground at the location of the boutique in Lane 2, 5-C Bukhaari Commercial Phase VI DHA. In celebration of her success and distinguished work, the creative visionary decided to inaugurate a welcoming space to make her products more accessible to consumers across the city.

Developing bespoke furniture, modern homes, luxury interiors, and eccentric designs are all part and parcel of Amna Wali’s boutique experience. Several notable names and faces were present at the launch to commemorate the esteemed interior designer’s work. With the tagline “Design That Empowers”, Amna Wali Boutique Interiors stands out for its modernity and unconventional designs.

Amna Wali Design Boutique is in essence a free realm for vivid imagination and innovation to thrive in. The intricate detailing of all her pieces as well as the monochromatic theme of the venue inevitably captured the beholder’s attention at first glance. With meticulously crafted pieces of furniture and colours that range from earth tones to richer hues with gold paint, each curated piece tells a story of its own.

The boutique did not only have incredible furniture but the layout was developed with a keen eye for detail as well. It’s not just home accessories that the brand prides itself on but also ornate creations that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

With coffee tables, sofas, dressers, side tables, chairs, and so on, Amna Wali Design Boutique showcased multiple types of furnished living spaces which ranged from dining rooms to offices. “As you know most interior designers don’t call their studios ‘boutiques’, however, the reason I chose the name Amna Wali Boutique Interiors is derived from my ethos as a designer.

We generally create custom bespoke pieces, tailored to meet our client’s unique aesthetic preferences, which are not mass-produced. Hence, the title of ‘boutique’seemed much more apt,” stated Amna Wali when discussing her new studio.

Amna Wali has previously studied at the prestigious Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. However, in her third year of university, she transferred to Kingston University in London where she received an honours degree in Interior Design. The interior designer has been working in her respective field for several years alongside other esteemed architects and builders. Amna Wali Boutique Interiors currently offers a variety of different products and services including interior design, furniture design, home textiles, lights, and home accessories. “We are a luxury brand and we use a variety of luxurious materials in our interiors.

We love layering and hyping things up to make them look grand, bold, and beautiful. Tall ceilings are generally our forte as our work is derived from mouldings, layered walls with different patterns, and furniture with bold textures.


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