Amir Liaquat booked for allegedly harassing traffic cops



A complaint has been filed against PTI MNA DrAamirLiaquat by a traffic police warden for reportedly harassing an assistant sub-inspector and head constable.

ASI ShahidMiran of traffic section of Ferozabad lodged a report against the PTI MNA. The complaint was filed at the Ferozabad police station.

The ASI reported that he and the head constable were on duty when a vehicle arrived at 4:32pm Tuesday evening. Three people came out of the vehicle and started shouting at them.

One of the three people identified himself as MNA Amir Liaqyat and shouted at him, “This is my area, what are you guys doing here? Get out of here.”

Liaquat said the traffic police officers were not locals and asked to check their ID and vaccine cards.

Upon inspecting the vaccine card, the PTI MNA said it was not correct and started forcibly putting the ASI and head constable inside a car.

The complaint read that Liaquat also threatened the traffic cops that he could get them fired.

A day earlier, the PTI MNA shared a video on his Twitter account where he could be seen lashing at a traffic police officer.

Liaquat alleged that the traffic police officials were demanding money from people under the excuse of a lockdown. He added that he will not allow people to be mistreated in his own constituency.