Amin concerns over Nepra’s refusal to grant IET


The Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Syed Amin Ul Haque on Sunday expressed his concern over Nepra’s decision regarding the dismissal of a petition of Telecom Companies to grant an Industrial Electricity Tariff (IET).

In a statement, he said that the Telecom sector has been given the status of an industry by the government and it was the right of Telecom companies to get electricity tariffs at industrial rates. “Giving maximum incentives to companies working in Pakistan will also encourage other International Investors” he added.

This matter is not only for the Telecom sector but, he said it can be an important step toward providing better facilities to the consumer and attracting future foreign investors.

Amin said; “It has always been our endeavour to handle the affairs of both the public and the stakeholders related to the IT & Telecom sector in an amicable manner so that the process of construction and development can be accelerated”.—APP

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