Alvi’s commendable role


IT really goes to the credit of President Arif Alvi for engaging different segments of the society on issues concerning the country.

Especially, the way he brought together religious scholars from different schools of thought to ensure compliance of Covid-19 SOPs at mosques is really commendable.

As a result of the adherence to the health guidelines, the worship places remained open even during Ramadan-ul-Mubarak with people offering their Taraweeh prayers.

On Wednesday again, the President chaired a consultative session of religious scholars, this time to woo the people to get themselves vaccinated against the pandemic.

It was agreed that Ulema and Mashaikh would effectively raise their voice from mosques, Imambargahs, Khanqahs and seminaries for the vaccination.

There is no denying that the people give weightage to advice and sermons of the religious scholars and when this message of vaccination will transmit from the pulpit, it will definitely have a positive impact.

At present, there are a lot of conspiracy theories and negative propaganda being circulated especially on the social media regarding the vaccine, which can only be offset through greater awareness and educating the people.

And the government has done the right thing by launching a massive campaign in this regard. We are confident that this will prove to be the best antidote to the conspiracy theories.

The success of vaccination is of immense importance if we really want to steer the country out of this pandemic.

As a result of vaccination, the situation in many European countries has considerably improved.

We have before us the success story of large scale vaccination that took place in our neighbouring and friendly country China.

Therefore, we will also ask our people not to give any ears to anti-vaccine propaganda and get them vaccinated at the earliest for their own safety and those of others.

Now the religious scholars have also expressed their satisfaction over the composition of the vaccine.

It is also for the federal and provincial governments to further enhance the vaccination capacity in order to take the situation towards complete normalization which is also important for unimpeded socio-economic activities.

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