Alvi stresses joint efforts for containment of coronavirus


Tariq Saeed


President Dr. Arif Alvi has called for making collective efforts for containing the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus virus that has rung alarm bells globally and also surfaced in Pakistan.
Addressing 36th International Gastroenterology Conference organized by Pakistan Society of Gastroenterology KP Chapter here Friday President said there was no need to panic and things were very much under control, adding the Ministry of Health had reported only two cases of corona virus, hoping that this particular crisis would subside with the passage of time as people would get educated and started adopting extra precautionary interventions.
Dr. Arif Alvi stressed that each segment of the society including doctors, media and above all prayers’ leaders were required to play their role in this regard.
He said Khateeb of the mosques could use podiums of mosques as social intervention to raise awareness and educate masses about precautionary measures against the corona virus in light of teachings of Islam which laid great emphasis on cleanliness.
He said that social etiquettes like covering mouth with hands or protective mask while coughing was already imbibed in our culture, adding that Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) was a role model and torchbearer, providing guidance for the entire humanity in every aspect of life.
Being a Muslim, we make ablution for five times a day, cleansing mouth and hands which was also recommended practice among precautionary measures of medical and one can do extra was to wash hands more frequently or using soap.