Alvi, Elahi discus political situation


President Arif Alvi on Thursday held a meeting with Punjab chief minister Pervaiz Elahi to discuss the political situation.

Former federal minister Moonis Elahi and Hussain Elahi were also present in the meeting.

Chief Minister Per concern over the economic situation of the country.

“These few months have pushed Pakistan’s economy back to several years,” Pervaiz Elahi said. “The economy is falling down, and they want to extend their rule,” he said. “An incompetent horde imposed over the federal government, only wants to save their politics,” Elahi said.

“The foremost question today is saving the state, all people have to think about Pakistan,” he said. “We are with Imran Khan, chief minister’s office of Punjab is a trust from him,” he said.

“Being Pakistani, we have to think only about the country,” President Arif Alvi said. “There is no last word in politics, people have to take decisions in view of the situation,” he said.

“The country demanding from us, unity and political tolerance,” President Alvi said. “Trying to settle the matters amicably, hopefully a better way out will be found,” he hoped.

President Alvi said that Pervaiz Elahi is an intelligent politician having balanced opinion over political issues. We exchanged views on crucial issues in a very pleasant atmosphere,” he added.—NNI