Alkhidmat distributes Christmas gifts, ration among 1,500 needy individuals


Christmas gifts and ration were distributed among 1,500 underprivileged individuals belonging to Christian community under Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan in Lahore.

The motif behind celebrating this ceremony was to participate in the pleasures of the Christian community to assure them a sense of security as well as religious harmony for promoting positive values in the country.

On this occasion, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan Vice President Syed Ihsanullah Waqas extended congratulations to the Christian community, terming it their basic right. He said the entire nation is responsible to take care of such needy people who happiness’s blurs due to unavailability of resources.

He said the way Alkhidmat Foundation distributes gifts among the needy and the poor individuals on the occasion of eid; the same way it delivers gifts on the occasions of Diwali and Christmas. He added the Alkhidmat Foundation was also distributing Christmas gifts among flood victims in the flood affected areas of the country.

He said it was the hour of the need to discourage religious disharmony to every possible extent and to promote religious harmony among the people. Alkhidmat Foundation was serving the masses across the country without any discrimination either rescue and relief activities or education related activities, he added.

He went on to say that from sponsoring orphans to social services like provision of wheelchairs, winter package, Christmas, Good Friday and Diwali like occasions, Alkhidmat Foundation has always been playing its role for sorting out problems being faced by the minorities.

A receiver of Christmas gift, Sakina Bibi said that Alkhidmat Foundation has been holding such ceremony every year for them on the occasion of Christmas where they were provided with closes, beds and bed sheets and ration. In this era of inflation, it matters for them, she added.

One officer-bearer responsible for minority affairs, Pachar Waqas on the occasion furthered that Alkhidmat has been distributing gifts among the Christian community on the occasion of Christmas since last 20 years. Alkhidmat volunteers conduct a survey of the area to check transparency of the division of the gifts and issue coupons to the needy individuals, he added.

On the occasion, National Director Foundation of Alkhidmat Community Services Amir Mahmood Cheema said that such ceremonies by Alkhidmat was a message for the world that people were all-time companions of one another in a tolerant society and added for dealing with minorities issues, Alkhidmat Foundation has separate minority wing consisting of members from four provinces, AJK, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Karachi and Islamabad. He added on this Christmas gifts were distributed in flood-hit areas and cities like Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi.