Ali Zaidi sends defamation notice to Miftah

Staff Reporter

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi on Thursday sent a legal notice under the Defamation Ordinance, 2002 to Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz leader Miftah Ismail.

The minister said that he should apologize or face the legal consequences.

He said that the contents aired on Geo News were statements made by him where Miftah categorically stated as follows: ‘Ali Zaidi does not pay tax and uses money distributed through the Ehsaas programme in exchange to purchase votes, which is very unfortunate.’

He said that the above mentioned statement and its follow up throughout the news and media segments are defamatory in nature and tantamount to slander.

‘I am discharging my duties as Minister of Maritime Affairs in accordance with the oath taken under the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973 (Constitution’) and that all actions taken in my capacity as Minister of Maritime Affairs are taken in accordance with the law,’ he said.

He said ‘in the news segments broadcast, the material in question alleges that I am not a taxpayer and that I am manipulating the public money for my personal gains and that such defamatory comments are clearly to tarnish my reputation’.

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