Alhamra organizes literary session on Faiz


Alhamra has organized a literary session titled “Kia Yeh Faiz Ka Dour Hai? Under the banner of the Lahore Arts Council and the City of Literature, Lahore is here on Wednesday at Alhamra hall 3, the Mall.

The renowned Scholar Dr. Taqi Abidi was the speaker who shed light and spoke about Faiz Ah-med Faiz’s poetry and personality. The chairperson Alhamra Moneeza Hashmi was the chief guest. The famous poet Amjad Islam has also attended the event.

Chairperson Alhamra Moneeza Hashmi wel-comed Dr. Taqi Abidi and said that the purpose of the program was to provide an opportunity to the young generation to benefit from the words of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

On the occasion, Dr. Taqi Abidi recited the po-etry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz and conveyed the message to the youth.

Abidi said that Faiz Ahmed Faiz is a poet of freedom; he always raised peace and knowledge on the world. He further said that Faiz’s words are soothing, who promote inside, outside sincerity; Faiz is a romantic poet of life. Faiz’s poetry saves from depression and gives everyone hope. He said that Faiz highlighted today’s problems and offered solutions, he serving the language and literature at his best. Faiz’s poetry conveys the message of toler-ance, he added. Sumera Khalil hosted the event. A question and answer session was also held in the session.

The participants of the event benefited from the speech of Dr. Taqi Abidi and appreciated the efforts of the Lahore Arts Council.


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