Aleem underscores success of anti-polio drive


Punjab Senior and Food Minister Abdul Aleem Khan has said that every citizen should discharge national responsibility by participating in the Polio Eradication Campaign and ensure safe and healthy nation by vaccinating children against the crippling disease.
Speaking at the launching National Anti-Polio Campaign, Abdul Aleem Khan said that nation will have to provide a healthy environment to the next generation keeping in view the requirements of 21st century. He said that prevention of diseases is the basic process in this regard. Abdul Aleem Khan stressed that implementation of hygienic principles as per the standards of the World Health Organization is the most important requirement of the time in which protecting children from polio is a very basic need.
He said that children should be vaccinated against polio in every household across the country especially in Punjab province from September 21 to 25 and parents should play a special role in this regard.
He said that media and social organizations should also create awareness among the people for vaccinating their kids. Our future generations can avoid physical disability by following this campaign, he added. The senior minister further said that Prime Minister Imran Khan wants a healthy Pakistan and he has a personal interest in the health sector for which we all have a shared responsibility to make the polio campaign a success.