Albayrak Platform Turizm makes a goodwill gesture

Staff Reporter

Albayrak Platform Turizm will continue metro bus operation in Lahore as goodwill gesture till deployment of bus fleet by new metro bus company.

On the special request of Punjab Masstransit Authority (PMA), Turkish Company Albayrak Platform Turizm has decided to continue the metro bus operation in Lahore till deployment of new bus fleet by M/s VEDA Transit Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd.

The company has taken this decision as a goodwill gesture with Pakistan and Punjab government as the new bus company has not yet imported and deployed buses on the track.

The PMA had signed a seven-year contract with Albayrak Platform Turizm for metro bus operations in Lahore in 2013.

The company had deployed 64 metro buses on the 27-km long metro track, covering 27 stations.

During past seven years, the metro bus project was widely utilized by the public and has been very successful among the commuters. On daily basis, 150,000 passengers use this bus service in the provincial capital.

Albayrak has been providing safe, efficient comfortable travelling facilities to the Lahorites since 2013.

Keeping in view the successful operations and high figures of daily average ridership, the metro bus project was emulated in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Multan as well as in Peshawar.

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