Alarming increase in number of diabetics


Post Graduate Medical Institute & Ameer Uddin Medical College Principal Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar has claimed that the increasing number of diabetic patients in Pakistan is not less than as an alarm and it is the need of the hour that doctors, civil society and media should come forward and work on a war footing basis to highlight preventive measures and hygiene principles among the citizens to control diabetes so that the new generation can be protected from this deadly disease.

He highlighted that the total number of diabetic patients are 35 million across Pakistan; meanwhile lacs of people have no knowledge about their disease.

He added that diabetes is a rapidly spreading disease worldwide, especially in the third world and today every 5th Pakistani is suffering from diabetes.

He further said that although it is matter of great concern and diet, medicine, exercise and other steps should be taken to overcome this threat.

He further said that it would not be wrong to call diabetes the mother of many diseases, but due to negligence, human organs also have to be lost.

These views were expressed by Principal PGMI at Press Conference organized by Lahore General Hospital Medical Unit 3 regarding seminar on diabetic disease. Professor of Medicine Dr. Tahir Siddique, President PMA Prof. Ashraf Nizami, Dr. Azeem-ud-Din, Dr. Aziz Fatima and Dr. Muhammad Maqsood said that diabetes is a silent killer that hollows out the human body like a termite.

They said that main causes also include obesity, unhealthy lifestyle, family history of diabetes, unbalanced diet, blood pressure, blood lipid imbalance.

Moreover other complications of this disease include lack of exercise and physical exertion and social problems.

To prevent this disease, it is important that people change their diet along with their daily activities and physical exercise etc, they added.

On this occasion, Prof. Naeem Afzal, Prof. Azeem Taj, Prof. Taj Jamshed, Dr. Somia Iqdar, Dr. Salman Shakeel, Dr. Asif Sagheer, Dr. Kashif Aziz and a large number of doctors and nurses were also present.

Prof. Al-Fareed Zafar and Prof. Tahir Siddique said that the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes should be introduced in the national health policy from the school level because timely diagnosis and prompt treatment can eliminate the problems caused by the complications of this disease.

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