Ajrak number plates illegal until change in rules: Minister


Sindh Excise Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla has Monday said the Ajrak printed vehicle number plates are illegal until there’s law passage sanctioning this.

The minister of the province said Ajrak plates are not allowed as per the law, until the Sindh government passes such laws allowing it.

Number plates with ‘Ajrak’ logos to be introduced in Sindh However, it may be noted that earlier in 2019, the excise department decided to introduce new, technologically advanced number plates for vehicles and motorbikes with Ajrak logos by the year 2020.

As per details, then secretary excise Abdul Haleem Shaikh ordered the manufacturing of such plates, installed with chips and Ajrak logos, for 300,000 vehicles and motorbikes in the first phase.

Shaikh said these modern number plates would be scanned and give all details about the vehicle including its owner. Those stealing vehicles will also be caught by this initiative, the secretary added.


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