AJK President calls for waging war against India’s lawlessness


The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan Wednesday demanded that India should be held accountable for committing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and trampling international laws, treaties, and covenants.

Addressing a conference titled “Lawfare Doctrine for Pakistan” organized by the Center for Law and Security (CLAS), he said that the people of Pakistan and Jammu and Kashmir have a legal case regarding Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

But despite Pakistan’s strong legal position, we are not getting the desired success because of India’s efforts to use lawfare as an instrument for legitimizing its state-sponsored terrorism in IIOJK, oppression against Kashmiri civilians, and pushing for Pakistan’s diplomatic isolation.

While stressing the international law experts and decision-makers to redesign a policy to win the Kashmir war, Sardar Masood Khan said we will have to think in what sense the Kashmiri people fighting in their self-defense and in accordance with the UN Charter, Security Council resolutions, and internationally recognized canon of self-defense were being dubbed as terrorists while the occupation troops killing innocent and defenseless people were absolved of their crimes.

“The legitimate struggle of Kashmiris is being falsely portrayed as terrorism by delegitimizing the concept of self-defense or fighting for your rights, a canon which has been recognized by UN Charters and several UNSC resolutions,” he added.

The AJK President maintained that India’s heinous attempts were not confined to Jammu and Kashmir alone; it was also using the FATF to cripple Pakistan economically.

“India is hatching conspiracies against our nuclear program, and is overtly and covertly attempting to sabotage the strategic China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Initiative,” he added.

Sardar Masood Khan went on to say that since the Indian actions in IIOJK in August 2019, the term lawfare has been frequently used in Pakistan, but now this must not be used merely in speeches and as a reference.—INP

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