Airliner lands safely at Peshawar airport after flight scare


A private airline’s Peshawar bound flight on Saturday made an emergency landing at Peshawar airport after turbulence in flight owing to rough weather. Flight number PA-602 faced turbulence owing to bad weather causing fear and panic in passengers of the flight.

Flight Captain with presence of mind and expertise steered the aircraft to the high altitude. The Captain communicating with the air traffic controller of Peshawar airport sought permission for an emergency landing of the flight. The flight safely landed at Peshawar airport, sources. The flight scare incident took place yesterday, according to sources.

A passenger aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) had narrowly escaped a major accident after its tires burst during landing at Jinnah International Airport, Karachi on last Monday. The ATR plane – flying from Gwadar to Karachi – was carrying 60 passengers. Air Traffic controller told the captain that he had witnessed some rubber pieces on the runway.

The captain cautioned the air traffic controller before landing at Karachi airport. However, the pilot demonstrating his professional skills by managing to safely land the aircraft on the runway.

All passengers and crew members of the plane remained safe. Sources informed that when the engineers inspected, one of the tires of the aircraft was burst. A PIA spokesperson has said that Gwadar air traffic controller had informed the captain about the tire burst. “It is feared that there was something on the Gwadar Airport runway which damaged the tyre,” the spokesperson said. An investigation into the incident has been launched.


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