AIG Karachi announces measures to improve prosecution


In a bid to improve prosecution in high-profile cases, Additional Inspector General of Police (AIG) Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon on Monday said that they have divided investigation officers into nine categories.

Sharing the details of the reform, AIG Karachi said that now one police officer will be working on a particular type of cases in order to help him in specialization of such cases. “The official working on murder cases will only probe these cases and nothing else,” he explained.

He said that in first phase they would be working on five categories which included murder, killing or injuring over resisting robbery bids, rape and narcotics cases. “A list of investigation officers will be maintained at the level of police station,” he said.

“The prosecutor general will be apprised regarding list of officers working on particular cases,” he said.

AIG Ghulam Nabi Memon further said that cases will be prosecuted on day-to-day trial basis in model courts and anti-terrorism courts.

He further said that CCTV has helped the police in catching the real culprits and crime scene unit has been upgraded to improve evidence collection from the spot including gathering of CCTV footages from the all angles of the concerned area.


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