AI helps organizations grow profits 80pc faster


Staff Reporter


Organizations that are adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies in finance and operations are growing their annual profits 80 percent faster, according to a new study from Enterprise Strategy Group and Oracle.
The global study, Emerging Technologies: The competitive edge for finance and operations, surveyed 700 finance and operations leaders across 13 countries and found that emerging technologies—AI, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, digital assistants—have passed the adoption tipping point, exceed expectations, and create significant competitive advantage for organizations. Organizations embracing emerging technologies in finance have reduced errors by 37 percent on average.
72 percent of organizations using AI have a better understanding of overall business performance. 83 percent of executives believe AI will completely automate financial close processes within the next five years. Digital assistants increase productivity by 36 percent and accelerate financial analysis by 38 percent. AI, IoT, blockchain and digital assistants are helping organizations improve accuracy, speed and insight in operations and the supply chain, and respondents expect additional business value as blockchain applications become mainstream.
“AI, IoT, blockchain and digital assistant capabilities enable organizations to innovate faster, creating significant competitive advantage and driving increased profit for companies embracing those technologies more decisively than their competitors,” said Juergen Lindner, senior vice president, SaaS product marketing, Oracle.
“The research finds that these technologies have become mainstream and organizations that sit on the sidelines risk their business relevance.
To help our customers outpace change and consequently the competition, we continuously infuse emerging technologies directly into the business processes to ensure they can harness these business-changing technologies.”
Organizations using AI in their supply chains have seen order fulfillment reduction by an average of 6.7 business days. Applying IoT data to supply chain processes helps organizations reduce fulfillment errors by 26 percent on average. AI is helping organizations reduce fulfillment errors by 25 percent, stock-outs by 30 percent, and manufacturing downtime by 26 percent.