Ahsan says coalition govt focused on bringing progress, stability


Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ahsen Iqbal said on Wednesday that the coalition regime is focused on bringing progress & stability in all sectors of Pakistan besides ensuring consensus on legal reforms for free and fair elections to ensure political stability, sustainable and progressive de-mocracy in the country.

He said that during an interactive session with the distinguished community members of Pakistan in Jeddah.

The Minister expressed that the regime change in Pakistan was constitutional and legitimate, which is a well-accepted international democratic practice. “The prime focus of the present regime, for the remaining term, is to stabilize the economy, restore investor and public sector officials’ confidence, end Pakistan’s diplomatic isolation and pass constitutional and legal reforms for holding of free and fair elections in the country”, Iqbal maintained.

He further added that the Government supports the voting right of overseas Pakistanis however this should be without compromising the sanctity and security of the election process. “There is yet no secure Internet-based voting system prevalent in the world. However different proposals including a proposal to give representation to overseas Pakistanis through reserved seats in the Parliament are under consideration”.

He said that polarization in the country is poison for national unity and harmony. We shouldn’t allow differences of opinion to become the basis of ani-mosity and hate in politics. We are all patriotic Pakistanis, no one can claim monopoly over patriot-ism, faith, and integrity.” He added.

He said, “no country can become strong without following the rule of law and constitution. Lack of respect for the constitution brings anarchy. The previous regime violated the constitution, therefore, the Supreme Court, which is the guardian of the constitution had to intervene.”—PR