Ahsan Iqbal for unity, subsiding culture of hate from society



Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal says eradication of intolerance and hatred is possible by promotion of positive thinking approach.

Addressing a seminar titled “Growing Intolerance in Pakistan – Responsibilities of Civil Society, Media & Other Stakeholders” organized by International Islamic University in Islamabad on Thursday, the Planning Minister said that the biggest challenge of the country today was to get united and to subside the culture of hate from the society as without eliminating this culture, extremism could not be rooted out.

He said Pakistan had paid huge price of extremism during last few decades, so it was necessary to root out the culture of hate. “The governance must be an inclusive governance, if it is not inclusive and based on hate and discrimination, then we are negating the Ideology of Pakistan”, he added.

He said hate was injected among the people from a certain group or organization, and once the hate was injected in the people, they started acting like robots or animals who did not have their own thinking and choice.

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