Ahsan asks young people to stop supporting Imran


PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has asked the young people of Pakistan to stop supporting Prime Minister Imran Khan. “His policies are a slap to all those who dreamt of a Naya Pakistan.

The youth has to realise that he is nothing but an illusion,” Iqbal said while talking to the media on Wednesday.

The former federal planning and development minister said the premier is doing nothing except making speeches and collecting charity.

“He calls meeting of the spokespersons whenever there is unrest and inflation. His hypocrisy, lies and double standards on issues have been exposed.”

The PML-N leader added the PTI leadership has sent the country into darkness and their policies are affecting social norms. “Decisions are taken on hatred.

A selected few are filling their coffers while the poor keep suffering,” he said. Iqbal criticised the government over its foreign policy as well.—INP