AGP to conduct special audit of GPF of eight offices


Staff Reporter


The office of the Auditor General of Pakistan (AGP) will carry out a special audit of General Provident Fund (FPF) of eight offices maintained by the government. The Auditor General of Pakistan on Thursday issued instructions in this regard to the concerned authorities to depute an audit team to conduct the special audit of provident funds of these government offices, according to press statement issued by AGP here.
The office that would be audited include Accountant General Pakistan Revenue (AGPR), Chief Accounts Officer (CAO)-MOFA, Pakistan Public Works Department (PWD), Pakistan Post Office Department, Military Accountant General (MAG), Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP), Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS), Pakistan Mint and Pakistan Railways. The ministry of finance in a letter to the AGP also mentioned some Terms of References (TORs) for conducting the special audit.
The TORs include the management/record keeping including use of ERPs and calculation/disbursement of PF payment under applicable regulations; rules and procedures; Loans/Advances against PF and adjustment; Determination of interest rates and applicability in management/disbursement; Confirmation of subscription from all employees on uniform rates or otherwise; Receipts.