Aggressive India


Indian aggression towards Pakistan is not new, the latest threat by Indian Defence Minister of going back on no first use of nuclear weapons is by no mean a simple declaration. Again and again India is threatening Pakistan, yet Islamabad is calling for peace. Pakistan’s intentions for peace are quite obvious. Indian pilot Abhi Nandan release was an appreciated step from Pakistan’s side and throughout world this act was appreciated and praised.
However the question is, is it enough for Pakistan to work for one-sided peace desire? I think the UN and other international organisations for peace and human rights must play their role accordingly. They must, along with their governments, pressurise Indian govt to sit for serious and meaningful dialogue with Pakistan and discuss all issues including the issue of Kashmir. Above all recent nuclear threat is highly irresponsible. This is a serious threat for regional peace and stability. World should take it seriously and act accordingly to check RSS-Modi agenda.
Bajaur, KPK

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