AGEGA concerned over alleged corruption committed by CEO Education

Bashir Ahmad Rehmani

Chairman, All Government Employees Grand Alliance (AGEGA) District Hafizabad Chaudhry Zabair Ahmad Hanjra and other officer bearers have expressed their grave concerned over malpractice and alleged corruption committed by outgoing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Education Hafizabad Javed Iqbal Babar along with his favorite subordinate officers including Assistant Director Education Sajid Malik and some AEOs of the departments. While addressing the meeting of Teachers’ unions held at Hafizabad, Chaudhry Zabair Hanjra, Munir Ahmad Khan Shanno and other office bearers of the AGEGA said that ex-Chief Executive Officer Education Javed Iqbal Babar was appointed orphan children of government employees under Rules 17 –A government of the Punjab to receive hefty amounts through his subordinates officers and clerks, to provide substandard electric water coolers to Insaf Afternoon Schools by Lahore based venders on much more inflated prices and forced head teachers to pay cheques of huge amounts to venders through AEOs misappropriate his office and examination branch funds.

They further said that promotions of teachers were also delaying to violate government policy and contract of some teachers was expired on December 30.2022 but the District Education Authority was not given attention to extend the contract of teachers. The meeting was also demanded the Chief Minister of the Punjab to look into these affairs of District Education Authority Hafizabad to ensure transparency in use of government funds, to expedite promotion of teachers, to extend contract of teacher at the earliest and to resolved other problems of teachers in the district Hafizabad.