Aga Khan National Council’s head dies in Afghanistan accident



The head of Aga Khan National Council for Afghanistan has reportedly died as a result of a car crash in the northern Badakhshan province, local sources confirmed.

According to reports from the northern Badakhshan province of Afghanistan, the head of Aga Khan National Council for Afghanistan and two of his colleagues have disappeared as their car fell into the Amu River in Ghazdara area of Miamai district of Badakhshan on Thursday afternoon.

Amir Big, the head of Aga Khan National Council for Afghanistan, Dawlat Sherdil, the head of Aga Khan’s National Council for Badakhshan and Noor Ahmad Etumadi, another senior member have been killed as a result of a car accident at 5:00 PM on Thursday, a local source told Khaama Press. “Out of the four people inside a Toyota LandCruiser SUV, only driver the driver has survived who is now in a local hospital.”, the source said.

Hundreds of people have been gathered from both side of the Afghanistan and Tajikistan border to search for the dead bodies, the source added.

The reason behind the incident has reportedly been the worse condition of roads in the area and also the lack of understandings of the driving challenges by the driver who was new for such roads.

The northern Badakhshan region is in lack of paved roads despite billions of foreign aid funds have been spent in Afghanistan for building the infrastructures, but due to the unbalanced distribution of funds across the country, Badakhshan has received much lesser than it needed.

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