After the budget ! | By Attiya Munawer


After the budget !

THE energy crisis in the country has been gradually increasing and now the country’s economy is in serious crisis reached the brink of collapse while the current coalition government has been helpless in resolving public issues since its inception.

When coalition parties came to power, the impression was formed in public circles that opposition leaders united against the PTI government would have a solid and workable formula for solving problems of general public.

In this situation, the coalition government has merely two options: to leave power and go to the polls or to make difficult decisions to get the country’s economy back on its feet.

It is clear that the ruling coalition, after lengthy consultations, has decided to fulfill the constitutional term of the assemblies and retain its power while contemplating IMF terms.

The government allies think that the economy will recover by hurting people, but is the economy anything other than the economic condition of the people?

This is the case with the capitalist system, in which the economy is a separate entity from the people.

The first and foremost goal of this system is the interest of three trillion rupees, which is to be paid by international institutions and banks, including the IMF to get more interest bearing loans.

There is no doubt that present government is taking difficult decisions.These decisions are not difficult in the sense that it is painful for the rulers to impose a burden on the people, but in the sense that they want their continuity from one and a half years of power by winning the next election.

Public grief and anger can be an obstacle in its path. On the other hand, the agenda of the IMF is also being implemented.

Do rulers have the courage to implement difficult decisions in the interest of the people? while capitalists can make a difficult decision to end hundreds of billions of rupees in subsidies.

Muftah Ismail’s statement that Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif cried while signing the summary of increase in prices of petroleum products was nothing but a flop spectacle, also show that if they have decided against their followers, which they will never do that, because it will take away the power and the real tears will flow from the eyes which will be visible not only to Muftah Ismail but to all.

This ruling class has never fallen prey to the spirit of patriotism against its own interests. There are mediocre and poor classes who have a vested interest in this country, but there is no one to cure them.

People are asking where the electricity has gone, when the inflation will be eradicated but there is no response from the rulers?

—The writer is a contributing columnist, based in Lahore.


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