After ICC’s praise for Gwadar stadium, Indians trigger debate on social media


The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Monday praised the stadium built in Gwadar, challenging others to bring forth any other stadium which was more picturesque than it.
However, the praise for the Pakistani cricket ground seemed to put off some Indians who did not agree with the ICC and instead, posted pictures of the Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium (HPCAS) in Dharamshala, arguing that it was more beautiful than the one in Gwadar. On Sunday, Pakistani TV personality Fakhr-e-Alam uploaded a video of the cricket ground, describing it as the “most beautiful cricket ground” he had ever seen. In a short video clip that he uploaded on Twitter, Alam urged people to come out and play cricket in the ground. The video showcased the large, lush green stadium built between a long road and jagged edges of the mountains.

“To all #cricket playing friends everywhere in the world….come visit us…come play cricket with us here in Gawadar cricket ground….it’s the most beautiful cricket ground I have ever seen……,” he tweeted.—Agencies

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