Afridi seeks UN action on ‘Indian Muslims Genocide Plan’


Kashmir Committee Chairman, Shehryar Khan Afridi Friday said the international Human Rights experts have warned the world about the Muslims genocide across India. In a tweet, he urged the United Nations to take action against India to save innocent lives as RSS-led Narendra Modi regime gave a vicious 10-tier plan to eliminate Muslims from Assam to Kashmir.
Earlier addressing a seminar organized by local think tank PIPS, Afridi said ‘If Muslims are the target today, it was the Sikh massacre in 1984. It’s not only about Muslims. Dalits [lower-caste Hindus] and Christians are also being exterminated systematically. He said Pakistan has set a model of equal treatment to its minorities and the world needs to learn from it.
Accusing New Delhi of unleashing a “reign of terror” against Indian minorities, particularly Muslims, Afridi called for an immediate end to atrocities being meted out to minorities in general and “Kashmiris in particular.”—APP


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