Afghan youth dies from exposure on N. Macedonia border


Despite the cold weather and other risks, many Afghan youth are still fleeing Afghanistan to seek a peaceful life in European countries.

A 21-year-old Afghan named Hamed Ahmadi was one of thousands of Afghans who struggled to go illegally to Europe, Hamed lost his life due to exposure to cold weather near the North Macedonian border.

Hamed’s family claimed they spent 12,000 Euros to return his body to Nangarhar province, where Hamed’s family lives.

“He had gone to Turkey from Iran, then to Greece and (North) Macedonia, police found him when he died of cold weather. We got the news from Facebook,” said Ahmad Shah Safi, Hamed’s father.

“Hamed was so young to die, we hoped to see his wedding and his happiness,” said Hamed’s sister. About two weeks ago, an Afghan woman with her two kids died of cold weather in a village of Iran near the border of Turkey.In the meantime, dozens of Afghan refugees who have been stranded in Indonesia for about ten years, have been protesting in several cities across Indonesia to raise awareness. “We lost two of our friends in the last 24 hours due to stress and depression in the Makassar city of Indonesia,” said Baqer Kashmiri, an Afghan refugee in Indonesia.

The Islamic Emirate said the problems of refugees in Indonesia will be addressed through diplomatic channels. “The government tries to address the problem of any Afghan who faces problems in any part of the world. The government will take steps to solve the problems by contacting embassies,” said Inamullah Samangani, spokesman of the Islamic Emirate.

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