Afghan security situation important for region: SCO Chief



The Tenth Moscow Conference on International Security took place on Tuesday in Moscow with the participation of several officials from Asian, African, and Latin American countries. In this conference, the secretary general of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) said that controlling the situation in Afghanistan is one of the crucial elements in keeping the region stable.

“Afghanistan is a country which is situated on SCO area and … we think that security situation of this country is one of the most important factors of maintaining security in the SCO region. Member countries support Afghanistan’s wish to become an independent neutral democratic and peaceful country,” said Zhang Ming, the secretary general of the SCO.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, emphasized that Russia, China, Iran, India and Pakistan can play a key role in the stability of the region.

“The topic of Afghanistan should be kept on the agenda of discussions of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Russia, China, India, Iran and Pakistan could make a significant contribution not only in stabilizing the region, but also in prevention of the threat spreading beyond its borders,” said Sergei Shoigu, the defense minister of Russia.

At the conference, China Defense Minister Wei Fenghe focused on the fight against terrorism in the region and Afghanistan and said that his nation is prepared to work with the international community to maintain peace and stability in Afghanistan.

“As for Afghanistan, China is ready in cooperation with the world community to ensure peace and stability in Afghanistan and in the region by helping Afghanistan and fight with terrorism and providing humanitarian aid,” China Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, said.

Some Russian authorities have previously voiced concern about the spread of terrorist activity under the Islamic Emirate’s rule in Afghanistan and the possibility for threats to the region from this country.

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