Afghan refugees say Iran officials not allowing them to work


The local officials in Abu Shaar province of Iran banned Afghan refugees from access to work and accommodation, the Afghan refugees in Iran said.

The Afghan refugees said that the local officials in Abu Shaar instructed the residents to not allow the refugees to have access to work or to rent homes.

“I think the overwhelming number of the Afghan refugees in the recent months of the 1400 solar year caused these problems,” said Inayatullah Alokozai, an Afghan refugee in Iran.

“Several years ago, due to cultural, social, economic and security reasons, the presence of foreign nationals was banned in various cities in Iran. A ban has recently been announced again in Abu Shaar due to security reasons. The Afghan refugees are facing education and work problems,” said Asifa Stanikzai, a refugee rights activist in Iran.

The Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation vowed to seek to resolve the solution via diplomatic efforts in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “It is unfair in any country that the Afghan nationals are not allowed for work,” said Abdulmutalib Haqqani, a spokesman for the Minister of Refugee and Repatriation. The Iran embassy in Kabul said that the ban will be enforced only for those refugees who illegally enter Iran.—ToloNews


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