Afghan refugees’ needs addressed at quadrilateral meeting in Iran



Abdul Mutalib Haqqani, a spokesman for the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, said that at the “Quadrilateral Meeting” officials from Kabul, representatives of Iran, Pakistan, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, discussed the need to avoid bad behavior against Afghan refugees.

In the past year, various reports have been published about the bad behavior against Afghan refugees in neighboring countries.

“Regarding those Afghan refugees that want to return to the country, in this meeting, the creation of a mechanism for their voluntary return was also discussed,” said Abdul Mutalib Haqqani, a spokesman for the Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation.

“The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has to make a plan for reestablishing immigrants’ employment and livelihoods,” said Tariq Farhadi, a political analyst.

Meanwhile, the deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate said that those who went abroad need to return and build their country.

“The Islamic Emirate asked those who went to other countries to come back to their country and build their country,” said Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman for the Islamic Emirate.

Some analysts believe that if work opportunities are provided for the young they will return to their country.

“Those refugees that return to their country should have work so that they do not have to leave the country again,” said Idris Mohammad Zazai, a political analyst.

“Since the last changes in the country, the young generation leaves the country to Iran and Pakistan,” said Asifa Stanikzai, a refugee rights activist in Iran.

Afghan immigrants in regional countries, especially Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey, are living in difficult conditions. —Tolonews