Afghan, Iranian forces clash in Nimroz


Residents and local officials said that a clash erupted between the Islamic Emirate’s border forces and Iranian border guards in Kang district of Nimroz province on Monday evening.

Local officials confirmed the clash and said it started due to a misunderstanding between the forces of the two sides.

However, sources said that the clash began when the Iranian border forces entered Kang district to interfere with local Afghan farmers who were working on a canal at the Kamal Khan dam.

According to the sources, Iranian forces crossed onto the Afghan side in Kang district where they faced Afghan border forces and two Iranian force members were killed as a result of the clash. Their vehicle was left behind.

“Yesterday evening (Monday), a clash occurred between Afghan and Iranian border forces in Kang district of Nimroz,” said Hussain Khpalwak, a farmer in Nimroz province.

Local officials have not yet commented over the causalities of the clash.

“The border problems should be addressed with negotiations and the two sides should end these problems,” said Rahmatullah, a resident of the area.

“Recently, clashes have occurred between Afghan forces and Iranian forces which is not in favor of either country,” said Abdul Hameed Watandost, a civil society activist in Nimroz.

Iranian officials have yet to comment on the clash.

This comes as a clash occurred between Islamic Emirate’s forces and Iranian forces three months ago.—Tolonews

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