Afghan experts return from abroad to help avert crisis


Afghan experts who were living overseas but have returned to the country held a conference in Kabul to discuss ways of countering the existing crisis in the country. The experts said they have held meetings with the officials of the Islamic Emirate and UN about ways to overcome the ongoing crisis in the country.

After a meeting with the Islamic Emirate’s officials, the experts said that the officials vowed to provide protection for all those Afghans coming back from foreign countries. “Let’s come together and support a system which incentivizes our economy. We should not wait for the foreigners to tell us anything–we must engage with the current authorities voluntarily and serve our country,” said, Sayed Agha, head of an organization.

“The Afghan experts must return to the country. The responsibilities should be given to those who are qualified. A government should be formed in according to the Islamic Emirate,” said Haroon Ahmadzai, an expert. The women who participated in the conference called on the Islamic Emirate to establish a specific office for the women in Afghanistan.

“We have tried to convince the Islamic Emirate to reopen the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and (women’s) institutions, so women can benefit,” said Haida Akbar, a women’s rights expert. “They seek some procedures on how women could be effective in the society. We know that every country has its culture and traditions,” said Mohammad Daud Nasimi, a university instructor.

This comes as the international community made the formation of an inclusive government and women’s inclusion in the government main preconditions for recognition of the current Afghan government. However, speaking at the UN Security Council meeting on Afghanistan, the UN envoy Deborah Lyons said that the international community needs to engage with the current Afghan authority in a bid to avert the economic collapse and humanitarian disaster in the country with a population of over 35 million.—Tolo News


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