Afaq demands action against illegal immigrants


The chairman of Mohajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi, Afaq Ahmed called for an action against illegal immigrants in Karachi and described them as a key factor behind rising crimes, lawlessness and illegal activities in the metropolis.

Adressing a press conference at his residence, the chief of MQM-H said that the city could never witness peace until a decisive action against illegal immigrants was not taken. Apart from lawlessness, he added that undocumented businesses of these illegal immigrants had put a heavy burden on legal and documented commercial activities of Karachiites, who were paying hefty price of their unjust settlements in the city.

“Karachiites are now under constant threat of mugging and killing as the law enforcement agencies so far have badly failed in the city,” he said. He also referred to a number of “unjust moves” both from the Sindh and the federal governments, which have ‘isolated’ the Mohajir community and left them with ‘inferiority complex’.