Administrator DMC East is working to promote recreational activities in district



By the efforts of Administrator DMC East Rahmatullah Sheikh and Municipal Commissioner Fahim Khan,the pace of development work be increasing  day by day in district east, the process of development of parks is also underway to increase recreational and healthy activities. Construction of the park has been started in Hussain Hazara Goth UC 27 Gulshan e  Iqbal seeking a solution to the longstanding problem of the people.

The construction of the park is now being carried out expeditiously by DMC East. In this regard, the construction of the park is being appreciated in great words by the residents of Hussain Hazara Goth,In this regard, the administrator d.m.c  East Rahmatullah Sheikh has been appreciated by issuing congratulatory letters in which residents of  Hussain Hazara Goth said that the construction of the park is very welcome.

Rahmatullah Sheikh is doing significant work for the promotion of positive activities, the construction of the said park is also important because the park was a hub of negative activities before construction which was affecting children and youth but now it is being made a beautiful park which is a prominent work of DMC East, Administrator DMC  East Rahmatullah Sheikh says that he is playing every possible role in promoting recreational and healthy activities. Development of parks is a top priority.

I am grateful to The residents of Locality for the construction of the park at Hussain Hazara Goth for encouraging us.


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