Administrator assures all-out support to Arts Council in promotion of culture


The inauguration ceremony of the program “Zindagi Hai Pakistan” was held at the Arts Council. Karachi Municipal Corporation AdministratorLaiq Ahmed was the chief guest. This program was organized in collaboration with Tahafuz-e-Saqafat Pakistan.


The Arts Council was taking steps for the promotion of art and culture, but now the Arts Council has come to this side [nature, colors, and fragrance], which is a pleasing thing. KMC will extend all possible cooperation to make it possible, said Karachi Administrator Laiq Ahmed while addressing the inauguration ceremony of the program “Zindagi Hai Pakistan” held at Karachi Arts Council. When we get tired of social abuse, art and culture feel like a breath of fresh air. “Karachi Metropolitan Corporation is launching a tree-plantation campaign in the city for which civil society and welfare agencies are cooperating with us. KMC’s own nursery has produced 70,000 plants for the campaign and this year one lac plant will be planted in this city approximately” Mr. Ahmed added.


Addressing the function, President Arts Council Muhammad Ahmad Shah said that the program was organized to highlight the identity of Pakistan. This program is of great importance, especially in the cities like Karachi so that the citizens could relieve themselves for some time from the commercial complexes. “We were born in Karachi and are serving Karachi because people are known for their cities. He further said that all the progress being made in the Arts Council is the result of the hard work and efforts of our colleagues. We hope the administrator Karachi will perform his duties well for the development of this city”. said, Ahmed Shah


Adil Zafar Khan, the organizer said that President Arts Council Ahmed Shah is the identity of this city. When there was terror in the country, Ahmad Shah revived cultural activities to bring peace.


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