Action against narcotics dealers in Pak Colony intensifies



Police  claimed that they had intensified crackdown on drug dealers in the Pak Colony area.Police said that during recent actions against the drug peddlers in Pak Colony, they arrested around two dozen notorious drug peddlers in various raids and door-to-door search operations in the locality.

The arrested suspects included Naveed, Sadiq, Shahbaz, Amir, Sher Baz, Riaz, Jahangir, Hayat, Sarfaraz, Abdul Majid, Shah Wali, Fareed, Kabeer, Abdul Sattar, Faisal, Abdul Rahim, Nawaz, Shehbaz, Amir, Sattar, Naveed Jamal and Sadiq Ibrahim.

Police claimed to have seized over 12 kilogrammes of hashish, 125 grammes of heroin, 160 grammes of crystal meth, two hand grenades, two pistols and a sub-machine gun during the raids.According to DSP Naeem Khan, the crackdown on drug criminals had been intensified in the Pak Colony and its surrounding areas.

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